Training Quiz

By September 18, 2019

1. Your company is rolling out a new initiative for existing customers and the direction to your department leaves a lot of room for creativity in the implementation. At the next meeting, how does your team react?

2. You receive approval to add another member to your team. How do members of your team act during the hiring process?

3. Your team just finished a big project and has some unexpected downtime. Do they:

4. A big project deadline is looming and it looks like a few people will need to come in over the weekend. Do you:

5. You are the replacement for a favorite team lead. How do you introduce yourself to your new team?

6. Due to a decrease in profit margins, the company is increasing the goals and decreasing performance bonuses. How do you break the news?

7. There’s a rumor that your department will have layoffs next month. How does your team react?


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