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Continuing Education Credits:

  • Tom’s keynote, “5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement” is approved for 1.25 CEU’s by both SHRM and HRCI (*Strategic Business Credits.)
  • All of Tom’s Workshops are approved for 2 CEU’s by both SHRM and HRCI (*Strategic Business Credits.)
  • Contact Tom for more details and learning objectives for his keynotes and workshops. They go GREAT together!

Tom is THAT speaker!

Every conference or meeting has that one, great speaker. You know the one, right? They engage and connect with everyone in the audience. They provide learning for even the most senior executive in the room. And everyone seems to have a great time while they’re speaking. Well, that’s me, Tom Topping. And what I do is turn every member of your audience into a completely satisfied customer.

Now, I want you to think about how much value a speaker like me would bring to your next event…especially if everyone left thinking that my presentation alone was worth the price of admission.

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Tom’s Speaking Topics

ALL programs can be modified to 45-75 minutes

*Ask about the 2-hour deep-dive workshops that can accompany all keynotes

Resilient Leadership: The Covid Silver Lining

Let’s face it, the pandemic has been tough on everyone! Would you be surprised if I told you that many of our collective struggles during Covid have a bright side? New and exciting research has reinforced the belief that employees perform better when they are afforded the opportunity to face adversity head-on. This program will take learners on a collaborative and fun journey into the root causes of workplace resilience. We will explore what happens when we allow employees to know what is happening, develop resilience to it, and conquer fear as a valuable and often overlooked leadership strategy.

Motivating Strategies for a Remote World

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, only 4% of the United States labor force worked from home. That total is now over 30%! The world has changed in a short amount of time and most have been unable to keep up. In this program, Tom shares fun, innovative, and outcome-driven approaches for executives and managers that provide resilient models for success when managing a remote workforce. Participants are surprised at how quickly and easily they can improve their leadership profile, while creating a satisfying work experience for everyone.

The 5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement

Recent studies have shown that OVER HALF of all workers in the United States are disengaged. This problem is costing companies millions of dollars. Whether working in-person or remotely, employee engagement strategies are proven to be the best way to combat the decline in performance, profits, retention, and innovation. My participants are amazed when I show them how fun and easy it is to increase engagement in their organization with my 5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement!

Don’t Let the Gray Hair Fool You, I’m a Millennial!

Recruit, Retain, & Manage a MULTI-GENERATIONAL Workforce

Many organizations use generational data about Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, etc. to customize strategies for recruiting, hiring, & managing employees. Unfortunately, these “cutting edge strategies” often lead to unintended stereotypes. This program takes a hard and hilarious look at every generation’s ups and downs. It is guaranteed to cause a shift in thinking & raise awareness about labels that impact the workplace culture and human capital management decisions. Participants leave with a new perspective and action items to improve culture and the bottom line.