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    “I thought yesterday was a great team building day. I think Tom did a fabulous job and made the day go by fast. I also thought ending with our own personal mission statement was important in our daily work. I always appreciate the opportunity to better myself.”

    Stacy W

    “I think Tom did a great job in making it fun and kind of competitive. I definitely learned a lot of facts from the Trivia. Could have sat in a class all week with him and not have gotten bored. The acting was a little hard because we had to come out of our quiet shells a little but definitely entertaining.”

    Alex G

    “This was the most informative and fun training class that I have ever gone to! Tom did a fabulous job of keeping us engaged the entire day!”

    Laura M

    “Excellent day of training, time well spent! I also felt our group of employees bonding throughout the day, which was heartwarming! Thank you for providing this experience to everyone. Tom Topping was entertaining and informative.”

    Nancy L

    “I absolutely loved the training! I thought it was very interactive, and it was full of great information. I look forward to any other trainings we may have in the future.”

    Stephanie S

    “I really enjoyed the training yesterday. Tom was great! It seemed like he was just talking to a casual group of people. I really feel like I learned a lot. The #1 thing I learned was the LAST acronym. I really had no idea how exactly to deal with that kind of situation.”

    Julia C

    “It was truly an enjoyable experience. Tom’s approach was spot on and perfect for everyone’s participation style. I think the session was a great way to present our mission, vision and core values, and what that all means for us, as a whole, going forward. My key takeaway stems from discussions about “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” and going beyond to enrich the customer experience. I look forward to the next one!”

    Misti P