Tom helps organizations build engaged teams

I created my company, Training Perfected, when I realized that so many small to medium-sized businesses were struggling with high turnover and absenteeism, low customer and employee satisfaction, decreasing productivity and innovation, and stagnant profit margins. Far too often the leaders at these companies would look for answers in magazines, by googling, or asking for feedback in Facebook or LinkedIn groups, but they weren’t getting the help they needed. I’ve studied this problem for over 20 years and have found the solution!

I grew up at a time when people believed it was okay to be totally unhappy at work. Being miserable in your job was pretty much the norm. I never understood that kind of thinking. In fact, I always wondered, “How much better could a company perform if they had happy and engaged employees?”

I figured out a long time ago that creating a great culture and a winning team required boundless leadership and vision. I knew that the same engagement principles that helped athletic teams be successful could be applied in ANY business. I took that knowledge and made it happen with my teams and in my businesses. And I am certain that if I can do it in my areas of expertise, you can too!

Tom’s Accomplishments

Chapter President of the Year

Tom Topping was named the 2018 HR Florida “Chapter President of the Year” for his work as President of Suncoast Human Resources Association

Nike Team Florida

In collaboration with Nike, Tom Topping created one of the most successful and iconic grassroots basketball brands in the United States.

Suncoast HR

Tom Topping led Suncoast HR to new heights in engagement and membership as its President from 2017-2018

HR Florida

After serving as President of Suncoast HR, Tom was asked to join HR Florida as the District Director for District 7 (Chapters include: HR Tampa, SuncoastHR, and SHRA-Sarasota/Manatee HR Association)

The Top 5 Speakers in America

Tom is considered one of the Top 5 speakers in America, according to his Mom and Dad. This is true but I only put this in here to see if you’re still paying attention! 😊


YOU need to contact Tom TODAY! He will energize your conference or meeting with an engaging keynote address; Coach your c-suite and managers using his proven and successful methods; and Train your entire organization to improve its teamwork and culture!